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Cante Flamenco? Cante Andaluz? Cante Jondo? 1888 Birth of a Continuing Semantic Argument

April 13, 2013:   Today’s Diario de Cádiz newspaper, in its section “125 Years Ago Today”, reruns an article from that era under the title “1888: Cante Andaluz, Flamenco, o Jondo?” [Andalusian Song, Flamenco Song, or Deep Song?]  That old article said:

“A curious controversy has embroiled the Café del Correo. The owner of this venerable café-theater has gone to the civil governor of the province to file a complaint against the impresario who rented the venue. The owner alleges that in his contract with the impresario, it is forbidden to present spectacles of cante flamenco and that the impresario nevertheless has done that. The impresario alleges that the show did not present cante flamenco, but cante andaluz. The governor has declared himself incompetent to adjudge such an arduous question and urged the interested parties to go to court to resolve the matter.”

“Meanwhile, in the Teatro Principal, a new system using electrical illumination has again been tested for installation.”

End of article.A  mazing that the designated decider, the governor, “declared himself incompetent to adjudge such an arduous question”.  Flamenco debates could use more people who know their limitations.  (Hey, don’t look at me.)

To avoid future confusion in matters of nomenclature, I suggest we just call everything cante gitano and let it go at that.

No, huh?

Brook Zern

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