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The Flamenco Experience is pleased to offer tour operators add-on cultural modules that reveal authentic flamenco in one-day, one-evening or longer modules, on site in Andalusia.

The Flamenco Experience presentations in Spain: Ideal for Alumni Groups and Cultural institution Tours

Sophisticated tourists will welcome an experiential vacation that gets them much closer to the essence of flamenco than the usual nightclub caricature of the art.

The Flamenco Experience offers modules of authentic and memorable flamenco experiences for travelers in groups or FIT's. These journeys will provide the kind of performances that tourists rarely encounter.

Most segments will be in Andalucia, the cradle of flamenco, and can offer intimate concerts, lectures by experts in English, attendance at flamenco penas (local fan clubs where it's possible to meet the artists and local aficionados), introductory dance classes for novices, and initiation into major flamenco events such as the Festival of Jerez (two weeks every Feb-March), the Bienal of Seville held every other year, and many more. Also available is an expert introduction into the region's extraordinary foods and wine, legendary horses and other key aspects of Andalucian culture.

The Flamenco Experience can help tour operators promote this segment on flamenco through posts on your website, email newsletters, and through the programs that The Flamenco Experience presents for U.S. cultural institutions and university groups.

Contact Brook Zern @ The Flamenco Experience to book a program today.

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